The Placement Cell sends invitations to Organizations along with relevant information through e-mail.

Organizations, interested in recruiting, mails the Placement Cell on their email id giving a confirmation along with the job description.

A member of the Placement Team coordinates with the Organization regarding the preferred dates and other requirements. Organizations are allotted dates based on the ranking of the job offer.

The Organization may visit the college for a Campus Tour and a Pre-Placement Talk either before the selection processes or may combine it with the final recruitment drive.

The information file so received from the Organizations is made available to the students, asking the students to revert, if interested.

On request, the resumes of interested students will be made available to the Organizations.

Organizations come down to the campus on the allotted date(s) and conduct pre-placement talks (PPTs), tests and/or interviews according to their recruitment process.

The Organization is required to furnish the final list of students preferably on the date of interview or as soon as possible.

The Organization sends offer letters to the Placement Cell for handing them over to the students. Offer Acceptances for the students are sent to the Organization .